29 Jan


KEMBANG WARU CAKE. Kembang Waru is one of the traditionsl cakes in Kotagede Yogyakarta. This cake has shape like a waru leaf. Waru tree has latin name Hibiscus (Kembang Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium, 2009). There is no written study about this cake until now, but there is one version about this cake.

kotagede kembang waru cakeAccording to Story of Kotagede people that , this cake was served when a king or wealthy person was holding a wedding party. It was served to the guest of the party or was just simply served as snack while they were waiting for lunch or dinner. Kembang Waru itself actually has similarity with muffin; because of its soft texture and the ingredient. It can be said that this cake is an ancient muffin recipes.